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Why Business Search For The Best Search Engine Optimization

What I find interesting about internet marketing for offline business owners is this, they may have not have much idea how their business is going to be marketed online but they want to make sure it involves search engine marketing (SEM). So if they are a business based in Los Angeles, they would be looking for the best SEO Los Angeles.

SEO strategies tend to be time consuming and labor intensive, involving alot of testing and monitoring. Your SEO methods must work despite the changing rules in Goggle search.

Content Marketing Relationships

Even The Best of Got Impacted By Google’s Updates

Panda Updates
This kungfu panda walloped websites with and such as :

  • thin or little content
  • high advertising to content ratio
  • content farms and blog networks

Penguin Updates
While website owners were still looking at the implications of the previous Google algorithm update, website owners got another black-eye to go with the one they got from Panda. For some it was a double blow, for others they did not see the full implications until these two updates were rolled up throughout the world.

What did the Penguin do?

  • Punished over optimized title tags
  • Targeted exact match anchor text and domain names
  • Went after bad link profiles
  • Busted websites up keyword stuffing

Exact Match Domain
This update is not part of the Penguin update but rather a small change designed to reduce low-quality exact-match domains in search results. Rather than one big update, we will be getting a bunch of updates in a short amount of time.

I imagine this update is going to be very unpopular with web masters. Exact match domains is what almost every business would like to have. Although if your website is built right, and you are practice the tenets of SEO, you will continue to get results.

In a recent experiment that Dan Petrović from Dejan ran, his findings seem to suggest:

  1. Exact match domains were always a good idea when it comes to brands, it is still a strong signal when it is a natural situation
  2. Freshness was a useful element in but not the key factor
  3. It is still the links and PageRank

Google’s Disavow Tool
Google will sometimes email me you if they find what they consider to be unnatural links pointing to your domain. These are evidence of paid links, link exchanges that violate their quality guidelines. If you do get this, you should start removing those links. Either by writing to the web master, discontinuing the link exchange or use Google’s Disavow tool.

Here is what Google say:

If you believe your site’s ranking is being harmed by low-quality links you do not control, you can ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site. You should still make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site. Simply disavowing them isn’t enough.

Looking For The SEO In Los Angeles?

ESIOH Internet Marketing : best seo los angelesThis is an interesting blog post from, “Make Your Small Business Stand Out Using Local Review Listings”.

When a consumer wants to find out about local businesses – their locations, their product or service offerings, etc. – where do you think they turn for their answers? The phone book? The neighbor’s doorbell? A newspaper ad? Maybe. But if they are anything like about 97.5% of us, they go online to search for the information they want.

Make sure you are listed on Google+ Local, on, on (the latter day phone book) and Yahoo Local – these sites are held to be the most popular national free business listing sites and are not to be overlooked!

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They provide one of the best SEO in Los Angeles and help you with issues on online reputation management such as bad Yelp reviews.

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