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Essex Web Design: Yellow Duck Web Design

Web Design: Yellow Duck Web Design Essex, England

Yellow Duck Web Design EssexYellow Duck Web Design, Essex designs and builds beautiful affordable websites for their clients in the UK. They serve a large range of clients from their studio in Chelmsford in Essex, from small business owners to enterprises.

With the majority of people connected to the internet one way or the other, businesses need a website. Customers expect to see your business on the internet and on social networks. They also expect to see reviews about your business, especially if you are a local business. They want social proof that you are an upstanding business.

Yellow Duck Web Design, Essex Portfolio

Portfolio from Yellow Duck Web Design, Essex

Yellow Duck Web Design, Essex has a very nice portfolio of websites they have put together. One in particular is the website the did for GFM Films, a film distribution and production company in the UK and US. They built it with WordPress and the effect looks like a flash website. Very nice, indeed.

Web Design: Services From Yellow Duck Web Design In Essex

If your business need a website, you need to find a web design studio that understands webdesign and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you are building a website, you need to create relevant content for your human visitors, this is copy-writing. But you also need to structure your website and content in such a way as to be easily read by search engine robots.

A good web design that looks great matters, as does your content. Just don’t forget about the SEO part. Any web designer in the business should have a good grasp of on-page SEO. Having seen their portfolio and read their blog, I can say you are in good hands at Yellow Duck Web Design, Essex.

How Do You Choose A Web Designer?
With so many web designers to choose from, how do you determine which web designer to employ?
To start with, it helps that you have some idea of how you want your website to look like. Although, what you thought you wanted and what you ultimately get might be completely different and there is a very good reason for that. It is called Industry Best Practices.

Some web designs just work better for some industries, combining the wow factor while maintaining user friendliness. A web designer will almost always give the client what the client want, but the client should also listen when the web designer offers a suggestion.

Here are some tips to choosing a web designer:

  • Look at their portfolio and see if you like their work
  • You should make sure they understand how to rank your website and how search engine works
  • Look at their copy-writing skills
  • Choose a Content Management System (CMS) instead of html site
  • Make sure it is a search engine optimized design
  • Make sure the website is coded properly
  • Make sure your industrial keywords are used

Web Design: Yellow Duck Web Design In Essex Prices

Yellow Duck Web Design EssexStarter Package
Their Starter package starts from £495 and this comes with 5 pages of content, domain name and web hosting for 1 year. This might be enough to start with if your business is small and does not require a lot of new content. Personally, I get the best results when there are at least 15 pages of content.

Pro Package
For that, you need to look at their Pro package which comes with up to 20 pages of content and is built on the WordPress platform. It also comes with a domain name and web hosting for 1 year. Priced at £895, it is an affordable package for a business.

Ecommerce and Enterprise Package
If your business is ready for the big league, you take a look at their Ecommerce package and their Enterprise package. For the Enterprise package, they offer a custom design.

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