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SEO Report For Your Website For $5

SEO Report For Your Website And Your Main Keyword For $5

This is a Fiverr gig for SEO from a seller who provides Online Marketing and SEO services at

I will create a must have SEO report for any website and also analyze your first competitor in Google for your main keyword for $5.

Fiverr SEO Gig - website analysis for SEO

Fiverr SEO Gig – website analysis for SEO

I have great experience in SEO and for 5$ I will analyze your website, give you keywords suggestion and also make a link building analysis for your main competitor in Google for your main keyword. As a bonus I will give you tips on how to improve your first page for your main keyword and with my competitor report you will find out where your main competitor have links so you can be there to. If you want me to analyze another competitor for you please buy another gig.

What This Gig Is About: SEO Report For Your Website And Your Main Keyword For $5

Website Analysis For SEO
The gig is about doing website SEO analysis for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and analyze your website for errors that might have an impact on your Search Engine rankings. If you have a website audit software, then you know what a SEO report typically looks like. It will generally look at:

  • Your website coding to conform to standards
  • Your keywords and their density
  • The length of your domain name
  • Your meta descriptions, titles, tags, headings
  • Your sitemap
  • Your linking structure and out-going links
  • Looks at your ranking on the search engine for your keywords
  • Looks at load time for your website

Depending on your SEO software, this is what an SEO software will do. There are plenty of online tools you can use to check your website, most of the best tools require payment. If you are using WordPress, there are even more plugins you can use to ensure your website is built according to current SEO best practices.

Competitor Link Building Analysis
This seller will also perform a competitor’s link building strategy analysis for you. This means you will get most of the links that your main competitor in Google has for your main keyword.

Why is a competitor’s links important? Search engine ranking is still in part due to the quality of back-links, and if you can get the same quality links as the No.1 website for the keyword, it could mean better rankings for you.

Tips To Improve Your Website Rankings
The seller will also give you tips on how to improve your website to rank for the main keyword that you are targeting. The idea is that once you have your website analyzed, you will know the changes you need to make and the types of back-links you need.

If you have been a member of this website since 2010, you will see that I have changed the theme I was using. The main reason I did so was to improve the loading time for this membership site. If you are using WordPress and a membership script, this can slow down your website. Improving a website not only helps your rankings, it can make for a better user experience.

The Benefits: SEO Report For Your Website And Your Main Keyword For $5

1. The benefit is that your website could rank higher in Google after you make the changes to improve your website.

2. You can see where your competitor has backlinks so you can go after these links and rank your website. While you might not overtake him in the search engines, you could rank right next to your competitor on Google in your country.

By itself, this gig does not promise to rank your website for you. It can only perform a SEO analysis for your website and your competitor’s backlinks. Whether you choose to take any action from the SEO report is up to you. Used in conjunction with Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tool, this SEO website analysis gig can help with your website rankings.

The Fiverr gig can be found here:

Bonus For Members


Special Bonus for Members

Mention that you are a member of this website when you buy the gig and you will get:

  • Get 1 more competitor back-links analysis report.

This means you will get 2 back-links reports of your competitors, this gives you the opportunity for double the links you can get for your website.

Here is the gig again –

  1. silver pricesilver price10-13-2012

    Imagine that you create a new page on your site today and add some content. Very soon, you see more and more traffic to your site, all going to that new page. Your promotion of that page is a success, it shows up in the top spot for it’s main keyword in Google and it pulls in a steady stream of visitors to your site. Better yet, the visitors are qualified and interested in what you have to tell, sell or promote.

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