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Thought Storage: A Way To Organise Ideas On Cloud Storage

cloud storage thought storage

A Website For Idea Management And Organise Ideas On Cloud Storage

This is an interesting website that you can use for thought storage and idea management. The service give users the ability to store ideas online and access them from anywhere at anytime. You are also able to invite friends to collaborate on ideas. is a website that strives to be a place where you can manage and organise your ideas. The key focus is on sharing and developing your idea.

The website is currently in an introductory stage or Beta phase and as you might expect, some of the features have not yet been implemented. This is the stage before a website will be launched and is a good time to get in. Sure, it is a website build in progress but you get to contribute your ideas to make the website into something you will want to use.

cloud storage thought storage

It is a website to organise your ideas and a cloud storage.

Thought Storage: The Idea Behind Idea Management And Cloud Storage

The idea is like a dropbox for your ideas. Ideas for a project or something you can share and collaborate with your friends. is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. This means that any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, phones and the Dropbox website. So if your notebook crashes, you still have access to your files and photos from other devices.

Using Dropbox
In the case of dropbox, you can start a project in the office and finish it at home on a different computer. You do not have to email your files to yourself because it is stored on dropbox. You can invite your friends and family to your dropbox folder and they can collaborate on whatever is onside the folder. It can work form team projects, photo sharing, even work on songs you are recording.

The problem with dropbox is that users can delete folders and wipe them off your dropbox and your computer as well.

Using Thought Storage
In the case of Pencv: Thought Storage, you only share the idea, and the friends you have shared the idea with can comment on it. The screenshot above illustrates how the website looks like. If you look at the bottom right of the screenshot, you will see the Chat and No. of Person online who are involved in your project.

It seems like a chat room to me, albeit in a web 2.0 format. The Chat function looks like what you get in Facebook, with private and general chat. If you think about it, you have to chat with your friends in order to develop your ideas.

The question is how is this different from other social sites on the internet?

Organise ideas on

Organise ideas and share your ideas with friends on

How You Can Create A New Project
Each project has a set of ideas that you add to it. As an example, a project name could be “Kitchen Remodelling” and the ideas you could add “sink choices”.

This is how it works:

  1. Create New Project – Give it a title. This is your Big Idea.
  2. Create New Idea – Add title and description. This is created under the Project. This is where you develop your idea and where friends can give feedback.
  3. Create Another New Idea – Add title and description. This is also created under your current project. You can discuss functionality or expand your idea into other areas.

The website itself is easy to use. Once you have created your project, you can invite your friends to share ideas. You can also chat with them in real-time if they are online.

Thought Storage: Keep Track Of Your Ideas And Projects was developed by Sotirios Pestrivas, a mechanical engineering student from Australia. The focus of this website is to create a service where you can store your thoughts and ideas, manage your ideas and share them with friends.

My View On Thought Storage
The website is in Beta right now and it is still being developed. I guess this website is Sotirios Pestrivas’s Big Idea. Much like Facebook when it first launched, the idea is to see where they can take this website. The premise is interesting – a great way to store thoughts and manage them. The execution itself is not so simple. The big idea must be inline with usage, functionality and marketability of the service.


  • The idea behind the website
  • Easy to use
  • Free to use


  • The selling proposition needs to be developed
  • Limited functionality – only the idea is shared, nothing else
  • Lack of information and suggested uses

At the end of the day, I felt that there was no a lot that set this service apart. We share ideas every day on social websites, and you really cannot share ideas without attaching graphics or videos. Granted, this project is in beta but right now, it does not excite the user. I think the problem is coming up with a methodology to share and drive the development of the big idea.

This is what I would really love to see for the website.
What if it let you organise your thoughts and ideas, create mindmaps for them and allow your friends add to the project mindmap? Then create a timeline or timelines to drive your project forward.

For example:

  1. Create a Project Mindmap
  2. Create New Ideas that shows on the Project Mindmap
  3. Allow friends or allow you to add their ideas to the Mindmap
  4. Create a timeline for the development of the Project and have that show up on the Mindmap
  5. Share the Mindmap with friends, and make available for print
  6. Automatically create a check-list and timeline based on the Mindmap

On the backend:

  • Provide services, resources or tools to make those projects a reality.

I love the big idea and will follow their progress to see how it develops. If you are interested in the idea behind this service, make sure you take a look at their website, A service for idea management, keep track of and to organise ideas seem like something we can all use.

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